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[CHARITY PROJECT] Taeil’s Birthday Project 2013 —- for Malaysian BBCs


For Malaysian BBCs who want to join THIS project through MYBlockBClub & BBC Malaysia and do not have paypal, please read: (read  TaeilBirthdayProject Tumblr first)

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- Bank in to :


1512 9476 8243


- Take a clear screenshot / scan / picture of your receipt.
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Only for DONATOR
Kindly submit your photo along with your payment receipt & message (optional)
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Kindly send your message along with your payment receipt & photo (optional)
Use THIS form to send your message to Taeil. (You don’t have to e-mail us)

FINALLY, Send your entries with
Name, E-Mail, Tumblr (optional), Twitter (optional)
to with Subject: ‘[GLOBAL CHARITY] Taeil’s Birthday Project 2013’. 

DATELINE: Aug 25th, 2013, 11.59pm
QUESTIONS: ask here or here or tweet @MyBlockBClub or @BBC_Malaysia

Once we have gathered your donation & birthday messages, we’ll pass them to the person in charge.

~ Lyn @ MYBBC

(» MYBBC - Taeil’s Birthday Project 1 / 2)

(» TaeilBirthdayProject Tumblr)

: [CHARITY PROJECT] BBCs! Join the 2013 Taeil Birthday Project!
BoM - Disband


130308 [From.Y2Yco] CEO of Y2Y Contents Company, President Yoo Byungsool has announced that BoM is officially disbanded due to some circumstances. Sechang, Jisu, Tagoon and Yua will still have solo activities but not as BoM. It seems like Sechang will focus on acting, Jisu and Yua each will continue as singers and Tagoon is doing well in his new agency - Royal Class. He officially thanks all the Staff and Fans including International Fans for all the loves and wishes for our supports to keep cheering for Sechang, Jisu, Tagoon and Yua.

(souce: BoM Fancafe)
(cr: BoMalaysia)

[130128] BoM in Osaka

[BoM Japan 1st Live] Hanwool

[BoM Japan 1st Live] Jisu

[BoM Japan 1st Live] Yua

[BoM Japan 1st Live] Sechang

[130126] BoM Japan 1st Live @ Kobe - Without You

[130126] BoM Japan 1st Live @ Kobe - Dear Feelings Dear Heart

[130126] BoM Japan 1st Live @ Kobe - Sechang dance to Miss A’s ‘Goodbye Baby’ & Wondergirls ‘Be My Baby’

[130126] BoM Japan 1st Live @ Kobe - Hanwool & Jisu ‘This Love’ (by GD)